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Pam Keesey | Resumé

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My love of words started with I am a Fox. My parents were convinced I’d learned to read at the age of two because I would turn the pages and recite the words. They soon realized that I’d memorized the story from their many bedtime readings.

In school, I loved writing book reports and research papers. As a teen, I was delighted to quit my high school job at the local A&W to work at the public library. From there, I went on to work my way through college at the university library. I then spent the next ten years working as the Head Librarian of a non-profit library on U.S. foreign policy in Latin America.

My journey from libraries to technical writing included stints as a designer of New Age books in Spanish, a front-end web developer, an online magazine editor, and published genre author.

It was my love of words and my desire to help people use the internet to express themselves that led me to a career in information technology. I’ve been a content strategist, a technical writer, a technical editor, a project manager, a people manager, a social media manager, and a UX designer, often all at once.

I’m particularly skilled at creating clear, concise, and accessible customer-facing content. I’ve found creative ways to maximize my teams’ impact despite limited resources. I’ve done agile and, along the way, I’ve become adept at not just adapting to, but also thriving in, ambiguous and rapidly changing environments.

My technical writing accomplishments include:

• Substantially increasing customer ratings by revising existing content
• Driving traffic to updated content by implementing a social media strategy
• Augmenting content discoverability by implementing SEO/SEM strategies
• Successfully crafting UI strings to optimize for clarity and ease of use

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