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The Paradox of Reality

Posted in Books, Spirituality by Pam Keesey on February 2, 2009

The towering paradox that religion confronts us with is its insistence that the opposites that texture the world we normally experience are, when rightly understood, actually one.

—Huston Smith, Buddhism: A Concise Introduction

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New Wave Hero

Posted in Art & Society by Pam Keesey on November 13, 2008

That is the ultimate message of New Wave: if you just amass the courage that is necessary, you can completely reinvent yourself. You can be your own hero.

—Richard Hell
as quoted in The Nomi Song

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Posted in Books, Spirituality by Pam Keesey on October 17, 2008

Right now, human beings as a mass, have a gruesome appetite for what they call ‘real,’ whether it’s Reality TV or the kind of plodding fiction that only works as low-grade documentary, or at the better end, the factual programmes and biographies and ‘true life’ accounts that occupy the space where imagination used to sit.
     Such a phenomenon points to a terror of the inner life, of the sublime, of the poetic, of the non-material, of the contemplative.

Weight, Jeannette Winterson

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Autobiography is not important

Posted in Books by Pam Keesey on October 16, 2008

Autobiography is not important. Authenticity is important. The writer must fire herself through the text, be the molten stuff that welds together disparate elements. I believe there is always exposure, vulnerability, in the writing process, which is not to say it is either confessional or memoir. It is real.

Weight, Jeanette Winterson

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The Strength of a Tree

Posted in Spirituality by Pam Keesey on September 16, 2008

The strength of a tree, the old ones say, comes not from growing thicker in the good years when there is water, but from staying alive in the bad, dry times.

— Joseph M. Marshall III, The Journey of Crazy Horse

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