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Scarecrow Video

Posted in Movies by Pam Keesey on September 19, 2002

One of the best places I’ve found in Seattle since I’ve been here has got to be Scarecrow Video. I’m definitely a movie lover. Anyone who knows me—anyone who has visited MonsterZine or Daughters of Darkness—knows that. I had a gem of a video rental place in Minneapolis. Discount Video, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 videos, always had something I hadn’t seen, something I was willing to watch. Scarecrow Video, Seattle’s answer to Minneapolis’ Discount Video, houses over 60,000 videos, DVDs, and Laserdiscs. Not only that, but they carry PAL format as well as VHS, and rent out PAL VCRs and converters. It’s a movie watchers paradise!

Scarecrow Video. Definitely five stars! Hmmm. Maybe I should start my own rating system. Five bats.

So, Scarecrow Video

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