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El Chupacabra

Posted in Food by Pam Keesey on April 13, 2005

El ChupacabraAnyone who knows me knows I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a restaurant/bar/lounge named after the most infamous of all goat-sucking alien vampires. Last Saturday I made my way to Seattle’s El Chupacabra Lounge to see what there was to see (and eat!).

Dedicated to bringing San Francisco Mission District style burritos, El Chupacabra also brings some tasty cocktails, including a pomegranate kamikazi and a pomegranate margarita. By some accounts (mine and Cynthia’s in particular) both could use more pomegranante, but both were mighty tasty as well.

So if you’re looking for tacos, burritos, or quesadillas, you might want to check ’em out (67th and Greenwood Ave., for those of you on the prowl). If you’re looking for goats and their vital fluids, however, you’ll have to look somewhere else….

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