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Joe Moe & Horrorwood Babbles On: Frights! Ephemera! Auction!

Posted in Art & Society, Relationships by Pam Keesey on March 30, 2009

My good friend — and Forry’s best pal — Joe Moe asked me to write something about what Forry’s collection means to me for an announcement of the upcoming auction of Forry’s collection. It was wonderful to reminisce, and there are more stories where this came from. To see the entire article, visit Dread Central and Joe Moe: Horrorwood Babbles On: Frights! Ephemera! Auction!

Pam at the AckerMiniMansion

Me at the AckerMiniMansion

“To me, Forry’s collection is an extension of Forry himself. There was a little bit of him in every piece that he owned. He was so generous with his collection, too. I remember the first time I visited him and he, knowing my love of classic Hollywood movie stars, encouraged me to put on a pair of shoes once worn by Marlene Dietrich. Or the time he and I had our photographs taken together, in which he had me wear Bela Lugosi’s cape and ring. This is the closest I would ever come to meeting those icons myself, and it was Forry who made this world so much bigger, an experience that transcended time and space and put me, quite literally, in Marlene Dietrich’s shoes.”

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