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Dr. Tiller In Memoriam

Posted in Politics, Sexuality and Culture by Pam Keesey on June 26, 2009

From a wonderful tribute to Dr. George Tiller by Dr. Warren Hern:

“George Tiller was kind, gentle, considerate and compassionate. He was funny. He was devoted to his family and friends. He was not vengeful in spite of the opprobrium, violence and hatred heaped upon him by opponents of abortion. He was generous in every way to his friends, community and good causes. He was an outstanding asset to our society, and he was a joy to those who knew him. He was a man of peace.”

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Palin a Fembot?

Posted in Politics by Pam Keesey on October 5, 2008

The London Free Press published a wonderful opinion piece on the Biden/Palin debate. In the midst of the critique was this line that made me laugh out loud.

By halfway through, there were answers that unravelled into such incoherent blathering of unrelated keywords that during her response on nuclear proliferation she started to sound like one of those short-circuiting fembots in Austin Powers just before their heads exploded.

Lisa Van Dusen is brilliant in her analysis. The rest of the piece, aptly titled “Palin campaigns on a wink and a prayer,” is definitely worth reading. Check it out.

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